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org.apache.lucene.index Code to maintain and access indices. 

Uses of MergePolicy in org.apache.lucene.index

Subclasses of MergePolicy in org.apache.lucene.index
 class BalancedSegmentMergePolicy
          Merge policy that tries to balance not doing large segment merges with not accumulating too many segments in the index, to provide for better performance in near real-time setting.
 class LogByteSizeMergePolicy
          This is a LogMergePolicy that measures size of a segment as the total byte size of the segment's files.
 class LogDocMergePolicy
          This is a LogMergePolicy that measures size of a segment as the number of documents (not taking deletions into account).
 class LogMergePolicy
          This class implements a MergePolicy that tries to merge segments into levels of exponentially increasing size, where each level has fewer segments than the value of the merge factor.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index that return MergePolicy
 MergePolicy IndexWriter.getMergePolicy()
          Expert: returns the current MergePolicy in use by this writer.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index with parameters of type MergePolicy
 void IndexWriter.setMergePolicy(MergePolicy mp)
          Expert: set the merge policy used by this writer.

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