Class CompositeSpatialStrategy

  • public class CompositeSpatialStrategy
    extends SpatialStrategy
    A composite SpatialStrategy based on RecursivePrefixTreeStrategy (RPT) and SerializedDVStrategy (SDV). RPT acts as an index to the precision available in SDV, and in some circumstances can avoid geometry lookups based on where a cell is in relation to the query shape. Currently the only predicate optimized like this is Intersects. All predicates are supported except for the BBox* ones, and Disjoint.
    WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
    • Method Detail

      • isOptimizePredicates

        public boolean isOptimizePredicates()
      • setOptimizePredicates

        public void setOptimizePredicates​(boolean optimizePredicates)
        Set to false to NOT use optimized search predicates that avoid checking the geometry sometimes. Only useful for benchmarking.
      • createIndexableFields

        public Field[] createIndexableFields​(org.locationtech.spatial4j.shape.Shape shape)
        Description copied from class: SpatialStrategy
        Returns the IndexableField(s) from the shape that are to be added to the Document. These fields are expected to be marked as indexed and not stored.

        Note: If you want to store the shape as a string for retrieval in search results, you could add it like this:

        document.add(new StoredField(fieldName,ctx.toString(shape)));
        The particular string representation used doesn't matter to the Strategy since it doesn't use it.
        Specified by:
        createIndexableFields in class SpatialStrategy
        Not null nor will it have null elements.
      • makeDistanceValueSource

        public DoubleValuesSource makeDistanceValueSource​(org.locationtech.spatial4j.shape.Point queryPoint,
                                                          double multiplier)
        Description copied from class: SpatialStrategy
        Make a ValueSource returning the distance between the center of the indexed shape and queryPoint. If there are multiple indexed shapes then the closest one is chosen. The result is multiplied by multiplier, which conveniently is used to get the desired units.
        Specified by:
        makeDistanceValueSource in class SpatialStrategy