Class LatLonPointPrototypeQueries

  • public class LatLonPointPrototypeQueries
    extends Object
    Holder class for prototype sandboxed queries

    When the query graduates from sandbox, these static calls should be placed in LatLonPoint

    WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
    • Method Detail

      • nearest

        public static TopFieldDocs nearest​(IndexSearcher searcher,
                                           String field,
                                           double latitude,
                                           double longitude,
                                           int n)
                                    throws IOException
        Finds the n nearest indexed points to the provided point, according to Haversine distance.

        This is functionally equivalent to running MatchAllDocsQuery with a LatLonDocValuesField.newDistanceSort(java.lang.String, double, double), but is far more efficient since it takes advantage of properties the indexed BKD tree. Currently this only works with Lucene90PointsFormat (used by the default codec). Multi-valued fields are currently not de-duplicated, so if a document had multiple instances of the specified field that make it into the top n, that document will appear more than once.

        Documents are ordered by ascending distance from the location. The value returned in FieldDoc for the hits contains a Double instance with the distance in meters.

        searcher - IndexSearcher to find nearest points from.
        field - field name. must not be null.
        latitude - latitude at the center: must be within standard +/-90 coordinate bounds.
        longitude - longitude at the center: must be within standard +/-180 coordinate bounds.
        n - the number of nearest neighbors to retrieve.
        TopFieldDocs containing documents ordered by distance, where the field value for each FieldDoc is the distance in meters
        IllegalArgumentException - if the underlying PointValues is not a Lucene60PointsReader (this is a current limitation), or if field or searcher is null, or if latitude, longitude or n are out-of-bounds
        IOException - if an IOException occurs while finding the points.