Class PointRangeQueryBuilder

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class PointRangeQueryBuilder
    extends Object
    implements QueryBuilder
    Creates a range query across 1D PointValues. The table below specifies the required attributes and the defaults if optional attributes are omitted:
    supported attributes
    Attribute name Values Required Default
    fieldName String Yes N/A
    lowerTerm Specified by type No Integer.MIN_VALUE Long.MIN_VALUE Float.NEGATIVE_INFINITY Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY
    upperTerm Specified by type No Integer.MAX_VALUE Long.MAX_VALUE Float.POSITIVE_INFINITY Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY
    type int, long, float, double No int

    A ParserException will be thrown if an error occurs parsing the supplied lowerTerm or upperTerm into the numeric type specified by type.