Class CorePlusExtensionsParser

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    SpanQueryBuilder, QueryBuilder

    public class CorePlusExtensionsParser
    extends CorePlusQueriesParser
    Assembles a QueryBuilder which uses Query objects from Lucene's sandbox and queries modules in addition to core queries.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CorePlusExtensionsParser

        public CorePlusExtensionsParser​(Analyzer analyzer,
                                        QueryParser parser)
        Construct an XML parser that uses a single instance QueryParser for handling UserQuery tags - all parse operations are synchronized on this parser
        parser - A QueryParser which will be synchronized on during parse calls.
      • CorePlusExtensionsParser

        public CorePlusExtensionsParser​(String defaultField,
                                        Analyzer analyzer)
        Constructs an XML parser that creates a QueryParser for each UserQuery request.
        defaultField - The default field name used by QueryParsers constructed for UserQuery tags