Class CachedOrdinalsReader

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    public class CachedOrdinalsReader
    extends OrdinalsReader
    implements Accountable
    Custom binary encodings for taxonomy ordinals are no longer supported starting with Lucene 9
    A per-segment cache of documents' facet ordinals. Every CachedOrdinalsReader.CachedOrds holds the ordinals in a raw int[], and therefore consumes as much RAM as the total number of ordinals found in the segment, but saves the CPU cost of decoding ordinals during facet counting.

    NOTE: every CachedOrdinalsReader.CachedOrds is limited to 2.1B total ordinals. If that is a limitation for you then consider limiting the segment size to fewer documents, or use an alternative cache which pages through the category ordinals.

    NOTE: when using this cache, it is advised to use a DocValuesFormat that does not cache the data in memory, at least for the category lists fields, or otherwise you'll be doing double-caching.

    NOTE: create one instance of this and re-use it for all facet implementations (the cache is per-instance, not static).