Class StringDocValuesReaderState

  • public class StringDocValuesReaderState
    extends Object
    Stores an OrdinalMap created for a specific IndexReader (reader) + field. Enables re-use of the ordinalMap once created since creation is costly.

    Note: It's important that callers confirm the ordinal map is still valid for their cases. Specifically, callers should confirm that the reader used to create the map (reader) matches their use-case.

    • Constructor Detail

      • StringDocValuesReaderState

        public StringDocValuesReaderState​(IndexReader reader,
                                          String field)
                                   throws IOException
        Construct state specific to a reader + field. This builds an OrdinalMap that can be reused for mapping segment-specific ordinals to global ordinals for the given field. Keep in mind that the state is only valid for the specified IndexReader, so opening new readers (e.g., to pickup NRT updates) requires constructing a new state instance.