Class GraphTokenStreamFiniteStrings

  • public final class GraphTokenStreamFiniteStrings
    extends Object
    Consumes a TokenStream and creates an Automaton where the transition labels are terms from the TermToBytesRefAttribute. This class also provides helpers to explore the different paths of the Automaton.
    • Method Detail

      • hasSidePath

        public boolean hasSidePath​(int state)
        Returns whether the provided state is the start of multiple side paths of different length (eg: new york, ny)
      • getTerms

        public List<AttributeSource> getTerms​(int state)
        Returns the list of tokens that start at the provided state
      • getTerms

        public Term[] getTerms​(String field,
                               int state)
        Returns the list of terms that start at the provided state
      • getFiniteStrings

        public Iterator<TokenStream> getFiniteStrings​(int startState,
                                                      int endState)
        Get all finite strings that start at startState and end at endState.
      • articulationPoints

        public int[] articulationPoints()
        Returns the articulation points (or cut vertices) of the graph: