Class TooComplexToDeterminizeException

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    public class TooComplexToDeterminizeException
    extends RuntimeException
    This exception is thrown when determinizing an automaton would require too much work.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • TooComplexToDeterminizeException

        public TooComplexToDeterminizeException​(RegExp regExp,
                                                TooComplexToDeterminizeException cause)
        Use this constructor when the RegExp failed to convert to an automaton.
      • TooComplexToDeterminizeException

        public TooComplexToDeterminizeException​(Automaton automaton,
                                                int determinizeWorkLimit)
        Use this constructor when the automaton failed to determinize.
    • Method Detail

      • getAutomaton

        public Automaton getAutomaton()
        Returns the automaton that caused this exception, if any.
      • getRegExp

        public RegExp getRegExp()
        Return the RegExp that caused this exception if any.
      • getDeterminizeWorkLimit

        public int getDeterminizeWorkLimit()
        Get the maximum allowed determinize effort.