Class CharacterRunAutomaton

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    public class CharacterRunAutomaton
    extends RunAutomaton
    Automaton representation for matching char[].
    • Constructor Detail

      • CharacterRunAutomaton

        public CharacterRunAutomaton​(Automaton a)
        Construct with a default number of determinizeWorkLimit.
      • CharacterRunAutomaton

        public CharacterRunAutomaton​(Automaton a,
                                     int determinizeWorkLimit)
        Constructor specifying determinizeWorkLimit.
        a - Automaton to match
        determinizeWorkLimit - maximum effort to spend determinizing the automataon. If more effort is required then a TooComplexToDeterminizeException is thrown. Use Operations.DEFAULT_DETERMINIZE_WORK_LIMIT as a decent default if you don't otherwise know what to specify.
    • Method Detail

      • run

        public boolean run​(String s)
        Returns true if the given string is accepted by this automaton.
      • run

        public boolean run​(char[] s,
                           int offset,
                           int length)
        Returns true if the given string is accepted by this automaton