Class SoftDeletesDirectoryReaderWrapper

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoftDeletesDirectoryReaderWrapper

        public SoftDeletesDirectoryReaderWrapper​(DirectoryReader in,
                                                 String field)
                                          throws IOException
        Creates a new soft deletes wrapper.
        in - the incoming directory reader
        field - the soft deletes field
    • Method Detail

      • getReaderCacheHelper

        public IndexReader.CacheHelper getReaderCacheHelper()
        Description copied from class: IndexReader
        Optional method: Return a IndexReader.CacheHelper that can be used to cache based on the content of this reader. Two readers that have different data or different sets of deleted documents will be considered different.

        A return value of null indicates that this reader is not suited for caching, which is typically the case for short-lived wrappers that alter the content of the wrapped reader.

        Specified by:
        getReaderCacheHelper in class IndexReader