Class SubmissionReport

    • Constructor Detail

      • SubmissionReport

        public SubmissionReport​(PrintWriter logger,
                                String name)
        Constructor for SubmissionReport.
        logger - if null, no submission data is created.
        name - name of this run.
    • Method Detail

      • report

        public void report​(QualityQuery qq,
                           TopDocs td,
                           String docNameField,
                           IndexSearcher searcher)
                    throws IOException
        Report a search result for a certain quality query.
        qq - quality query for which the results are reported.
        td - search results for the query.
        docNameField - stored field used for fetching the result doc name.
        searcher - index access for fetching doc name.
        IOException - in case of a problem.
      • flush

        public void flush()