Class TrecTopicsReader

  • public class TrecTopicsReader
    extends Object
    Read TREC topics.

    Expects this topic format -

       <num> Number: nnn
       <title> title of the topic
       <desc> Description:
       description of the topic
       <narr> Narrative:
       "story" composed by assessors.
    Comment lines starting with '#' are ignored.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TrecTopicsReader

        public TrecTopicsReader()
        Constructor for Trec's TopicsReader
    • Method Detail

      • readQueries

        public QualityQuery[] readQueries​(BufferedReader reader)
                                   throws IOException
        Read quality queries from trec format topics file.
        reader - where queries are read from.
        the result quality queries.
        IOException - if cannot read the queries.