Class SearchTravRetTask

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    public class SearchTravRetTask
    extends SearchTravTask
    Search and Traverse and Retrieve docs task.

    Note: This task reuses the reader if it is already open. Otherwise a reader is opened at start and closed at the end.

    Takes optional param: traversal size (otherwise all results are traversed).

    Other side effects: counts additional 1 (record) for each traversed hit, and 1 more for each retrieved (non null) document.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchTravRetTask

        public SearchTravRetTask​(PerfRunData runData)
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      • withRetrieve

        public boolean withRetrieve()
        Description copied from class: ReadTask
        Return true if, with search and results traversing, docs should be retrieved.
        withRetrieve in class SearchTravTask