Class SearchTravRetHighlightTask

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    public class SearchTravRetHighlightTask
    extends SearchTravTask
    Search and Traverse and Retrieve docs task. Highlight the fields in the retrieved documents.

    Note: This task reuses the reader if it is already open. Otherwise a reader is opened at start and closed at the end.

    Takes optional multivalued, comma separated param string as: type[<enum>],maxFrags[<int>],fields[name1;name2;...]

    • type - the highlighter implementation, e.g. "UH"
    • maxFrags - The maximum number of fragments to score by the highlighter
    • fields - The fields to highlight. If not specified all fields will be highlighted (or at least attempted)
    "SearchHlgtSameRdr" SearchTravRetHighlight(type[UH],maxFrags[3],fields[body]) > : 1000
    Documents must be stored in order for this task to work. Additionally, term vector positions can be used as well, and offsets in postings is another option.

    Other side effects: counts additional 1 (record) for each traversed hit, and 1 more for each retrieved (non null) document and 1 for each fragment returned.

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      • SearchTravRetHighlightTask

        public SearchTravRetHighlightTask​(PerfRunData runData)