Class AddFacetedDocTask

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    public class AddFacetedDocTask
    extends AddDocTask
    Add a faceted document.

    Config properties:

    • with.facets=<tells whether to actually add any facets to the document| Default: true>
      This config property allows to easily compare the performance of adding docs with and without facets. Note that facets are created even when this is false, just that they are not added to the document (nor to the taxonomy).

    See AddDocTask for general document parameters and configuration.

    Makes use of the FacetSource in effect - see PerfRunData for facet source settings.

    • Constructor Detail

      • AddFacetedDocTask

        public AddFacetedDocTask​(PerfRunData runData)
    • Method Detail

      • setup

        public void setup()
                   throws Exception
        Description copied from class: PerfTask
        Task setup work that should not be measured for that specific task. By default it does nothing, but tasks can implement this, moving work from PerfTask.doLogic() to this method. Only the work done in PerfTask.doLogic() is measured for this task. Notice that higher level (sequence) tasks containing this task would then measure larger time than the sum of their contained tasks.
        setup in class AddDocTask
      • doLogic

        public int doLogic()
                    throws Exception
        Description copied from class: PerfTask
        Perform the task once (ignoring repetitions specification) Return number of work items done by this task. For indexing that can be number of docs added. For warming that can be number of scanned items, etc.
        doLogic in class AddDocTask
        number of work items done by this task.