Class Points

  • public class Points
    extends Object
    Test run data points collected as the test proceeds.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Points

        public Points​(Config config)
        Create a Points statistics object.
    • Method Detail

      • taskStats

        public List<TaskStats> taskStats()
        Return the current task stats. the actual task stats are returned, so caller should not modify this task stats.
        current TaskStats.
      • markTaskStart

        public TaskStats markTaskStart​(PerfTask task,
                                       int round)
        Mark that a task is starting. Create a task stats for it and store it as a point.
        task - the starting task.
        the new task stats created for the starting task.
      • getCurrentStats

        public TaskStats getCurrentStats()
      • markTaskEnd

        public void markTaskEnd​(TaskStats stats,
                                int count)
        mark the end of a task
      • clearData

        public void clearData()
        Clear all data, prepare for more tests.