Class ContentItemsSource

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ContentSource, FacetSource

    public abstract class ContentItemsSource
    extends Object
    implements Closeable
    Base class for source of data for benchmarking

    Keeps track of various statistics, such as how many data items were generated, size in bytes etc.

    Supports the following configuration parameters:

    • content.source.forever - specifies whether to generate items forever (default=true).
    • content.source.verbose - specifies whether messages should be output by the content source (default=false).
    • content.source.encoding - specifies which encoding to use when reading the files of that content source. Certain implementations may define a default value if this parameter is not specified. (default=null).
    • content.source.log.step - specifies for how many items a message should be logged. If set to 0 it means no logging should occur. NOTE: if verbose is set to false, logging should not occur even if logStep is not 0 (default=0).
    • Field Detail

      • forever

        protected boolean forever
      • logStep

        protected int logStep
      • verbose

        protected boolean verbose
      • encoding

        protected String encoding
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContentItemsSource

        public ContentItemsSource()
    • Method Detail

      • addBytes

        protected final void addBytes​(long numBytes)
        update count of bytes generated by this source
      • addItem

        protected final void addItem()
        update count of items generated by this source
      • collectFiles

        protected final void collectFiles​(Path dir,
                                          ArrayList<Path> files)
                                   throws IOException
        A convenience method for collecting all the files of a content source from a given directory. The collected Path instances are stored in the given files.
      • shouldLog

        protected final boolean shouldLog()
        Returns true whether it's time to log a message (depending on verbose and the number of items generated).
      • getBytesCount

        public final long getBytesCount()
        Returns the number of bytes generated since last reset.
      • getItemsCount

        public final int getItemsCount()
        Returns the number of generated items since last reset.
      • getConfig

        public final Config getConfig()
      • getTotalBytesCount

        public final long getTotalBytesCount()
        Returns the total number of bytes that were generated by this source.
      • getTotalItemsCount

        public final int getTotalItemsCount()
        Returns the total number of generated items.
      • resetInputs

        public void resetInputs()
                         throws IOException
        Resets the input for this content source, so that the test would behave as if it was just started, input-wise.

        NOTE: the default implementation resets the number of bytes and items generated since the last reset, so it's important to call super.resetInputs in case you override this method.

      • setConfig

        public void setConfig​(Config config)
        Sets the Config for this content source. If you override this method, you must call super.setConfig.
      • printStatistics

        public void printStatistics​(String itemsName)