Class CollationDocValuesField

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    public final class CollationDocValuesField
    extends Field
    Indexes collation keys as a single-valued SortedDocValuesField.

    This is more efficient that CollationKeyAnalyzer if the field only has one value: no uninversion is necessary to sort on the field, locale-sensitive range queries can still work via DocValuesRangeQuery, and the underlying data structures built at index-time are likely more efficient and use less memory than FieldCache.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CollationDocValuesField

        public CollationDocValuesField​(String name,
                                       Collator collator)
        Create a new ICUCollationDocValuesField.

        NOTE: you should not create a new one for each document, instead just make one and reuse it during your indexing process, setting the value via setStringValue(String).

        name - field name
        collator - Collator for generating collation keys.