Class PayloadHelper

  • public class PayloadHelper
    extends Object
    Utility methods for encoding payloads.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PayloadHelper

        public PayloadHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • encodeFloat

        public static byte[] encodeFloat​(float payload)
      • encodeFloat

        public static byte[] encodeFloat​(float payload,
                                         byte[] data,
                                         int offset)
      • encodeInt

        public static byte[] encodeInt​(int payload)
      • encodeInt

        public static byte[] encodeInt​(int payload,
                                       byte[] data,
                                       int offset)
      • decodeFloat

        public static final float decodeFloat​(byte[] bytes,
                                              int offset)
        Decode the payload that was encoded using encodeFloat(float). NOTE: the length of the array must be at least offset + 4 long.
        bytes - The bytes to decode
        offset - The offset into the array.
        The float that was encoded
        See Also:
      • decodeInt

        public static final int decodeInt​(byte[] bytes,
                                          int offset)