Class PatternTokenizer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable

    public final class PatternTokenizer
    extends Tokenizer
    This tokenizer uses regex pattern matching to construct distinct tokens for the input stream. It takes two arguments: "pattern" and "group".
    • "pattern" is the regular expression.
    • "group" says which group to extract into tokens.

    group=-1 (the default) is equivalent to "split". In this case, the tokens will be equivalent to the output from (without empty tokens): String.split(java.lang.String)

    Using group >= 0 selects the matching group as the token. For example, if you have:

      pattern = \'([^\']+)\'
      group = 0
      input = aaa 'bbb' 'ccc'
    the output will be two tokens: 'bbb' and 'ccc' (including the ' marks). With the same input but using group=1, the output would be: bbb and ccc (no ' marks)

    NOTE: This Tokenizer does not output tokens that are of zero length.

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