Class DropIfFlaggedFilterFactory

  • public final class DropIfFlaggedFilterFactory
    extends TokenFilterFactory
    Provides a filter that will drop tokens matching a set of flags. This might be used if you had both custom filters that identify tokens to be removed, but need to run before other filters that want to see the token that will eventually be dropped. Alternately you might have separate flag setting filters and then remove tokens that match a particular combination of those filters.

    In Solr this might be configured such as
         <analyzer type="index">
           <tokenizer class="solr.WhitespaceTokenizerFactory"/>
           <-- other filters -->
           <filter class="solr.DropIfFlaggedFilterFactory" dropFlags="9"/>
    The above would drop any token that had the first and fourth bit set.
    SPI Name (case-insensitive: if the name is 'htmlStrip', 'htmlstrip' can be used when looking up the service).
    • Constructor Detail

      • DropIfFlaggedFilterFactory

        public DropIfFlaggedFilterFactory​(Map<String,​String> args)
        Initialize this factory via a set of key-value pairs.
      • DropIfFlaggedFilterFactory

        public DropIfFlaggedFilterFactory()
        Default ctor for compatibility with SPI