Class CapitalizationFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable, Unwrappable<TokenStream>

    public final class CapitalizationFilter
    extends TokenFilter
    A filter to apply normal capitalization rules to Tokens. It will make the first letter capital and the rest lower case.

    This filter is particularly useful to build nice looking facet parameters. This filter is not appropriate if you intend to use a prefix query.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CapitalizationFilter

        public CapitalizationFilter​(TokenStream in,
                                    boolean onlyFirstWord,
                                    CharArraySet keep,
                                    boolean forceFirstLetter,
                                    Collection<char[]> okPrefix,
                                    int minWordLength,
                                    int maxWordCount,
                                    int maxTokenLength)
        Creates a CapitalizationFilter with the specified parameters.
        in - input tokenstream
        onlyFirstWord - should each word be capitalized or all of the words?
        keep - a keep word list. Each word that should be kept separated by whitespace.
        forceFirstLetter - Force the first letter to be capitalized even if it is in the keep list.
        okPrefix - do not change word capitalization if a word begins with something in this list.
        minWordLength - how long the word needs to be to get capitalization applied. If the minWordLength is 3, "and" > "And" but "or" stays "or".
        maxWordCount - if the token contains more then maxWordCount words, the capitalization is assumed to be correct.
        maxTokenLength - ???