Class LatvianStemmer

  • public class LatvianStemmer
    extends Object
    Light stemmer for Latvian.

    This is a light version of the algorithm in Karlis Kreslin's PhD thesis A stemming algorithm for Latvian with the following modifications:

    • Only explicitly stems noun and adjective morphology
    • Stricter length/vowel checks for the resulting stems (verb etc suffix stripping is removed)
    • Removes only the primary inflectional suffixes: case and number for nouns ; case, number, gender, and definitiveness for adjectives.
    • Palatalization is only handled when a declension II,V,VI noun suffix is removed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LatvianStemmer

        public LatvianStemmer()
    • Method Detail

      • stem

        public int stem​(char[] s,
                        int len)
        Stem a latvian word. returns the new adjusted length.