Class HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilterFactory

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    public class HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilterFactory
    extends TokenFilterFactory
    implements ResourceLoaderAware
    Factory for HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilter.

    This factory accepts the following parameters:

    • hyphenator (mandatory): path to the FOP xml hyphenation pattern. See
    • encoding (optional): encoding of the xml hyphenation file. defaults to UTF-8.
    • dictionary (optional): dictionary of words. defaults to no dictionary.
    • minWordSize (optional): minimal word length that gets decomposed. defaults to 5.
    • minSubwordSize (optional): minimum length of subwords. defaults to 2.
    • maxSubwordSize (optional): maximum length of subwords. defaults to 15.
    • onlyLongestMatch (optional): if true, adds only the longest matching subword to the stream. defaults to false.

     <fieldType name="text_hyphncomp" class="solr.TextField" positionIncrementGap="100">
         <tokenizer class="solr.WhitespaceTokenizerFactory"/>
         <filter class="solr.HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilterFactory" hyphenator="hyphenator.xml" encoding="UTF-8"
             dictionary="dictionary.txt" minWordSize="5" minSubwordSize="2" maxSubwordSize="15" onlyLongestMatch="false"/>
    See Also:
    SPI Name (case-insensitive: if the name is 'htmlStrip', 'htmlstrip' can be used when looking up the service).