Interface CommonQueryParserConfiguration

    • Method Detail

      • setAllowLeadingWildcard

        void setAllowLeadingWildcard​(boolean allowLeadingWildcard)
        Set to true to allow leading wildcard characters.

        When set, * or ? are allowed as the first character of a PrefixQuery and WildcardQuery. Note that this can produce very slow queries on big indexes.

        Default: false.

      • setEnablePositionIncrements

        void setEnablePositionIncrements​(boolean enabled)
        Set to true to enable position increments in result query.

        When set, result phrase and multi-phrase queries will be aware of position increments. Useful when e.g. a StopFilter increases the position increment of the token that follows an omitted token.

        Default: false.

      • setFuzzyPrefixLength

        void setFuzzyPrefixLength​(int fuzzyPrefixLength)
        Set the prefix length for fuzzy queries. Default is 0.
        fuzzyPrefixLength - The fuzzyPrefixLength to set.
      • setLocale

        void setLocale​(Locale locale)
        Set locale used by date range parsing.
      • getLocale

        Locale getLocale()
        Returns current locale, allowing access by subclasses.
      • setTimeZone

        void setTimeZone​(TimeZone timeZone)
      • setPhraseSlop

        void setPhraseSlop​(int defaultPhraseSlop)
        Sets the default slop for phrases. If zero, then exact phrase matches are required. Default value is zero.
      • getFuzzyMinSim

        float getFuzzyMinSim()
        Get the minimal similarity for fuzzy queries.
      • getFuzzyPrefixLength

        int getFuzzyPrefixLength()
        Get the prefix length for fuzzy queries.
        Returns the fuzzyPrefixLength.
      • getPhraseSlop

        int getPhraseSlop()
        Gets the default slop for phrases.
      • setFuzzyMinSim

        void setFuzzyMinSim​(float fuzzyMinSim)
        Set the minimum similarity for fuzzy queries. Default is defined on FuzzyQuery.defaultMaxEdits.