Class LazyDocument

  • public class LazyDocument
    extends Object
    Defers actually loading a field's value until you ask for it. You must not use the returned Field instances after the provided reader has been closed.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LazyDocument

        public LazyDocument​(IndexReader reader,
                            int docID)
    • Method Detail

      • getField

        public IndexableField getField​(FieldInfo fieldInfo)
        Creates a StorableField whose value will be lazy loaded if and when it is used.

        NOTE: This method must be called once for each value of the field name specified in sequence that the values exist. This method may not be used to generate multiple, lazy, StorableField instances referring to the same underlying StorableField instance.

        The lazy loading of field values from all instances of StorableField objects returned by this method are all backed by a single StoredDocument per LazyDocument instance.