Class StringSorter.MSBStringRadixSorter

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      • swap

        protected void swap​(int i,
                            int j)
        Description copied from class: Sorter
        Swap values at slots i and j.
        Specified by:
        swap in class Sorter
      • byteAt

        protected int byteAt​(int i,
                             int k)
        Description copied from class: MSBRadixSorter
        Return the k-th byte of the entry at index i, or -1 if its length is less than or equal to k. This may only be called with a value of i between 0 included and maxLength excluded.
        Specified by:
        byteAt in class MSBRadixSorter
      • getFallbackSorter

        protected Sorter getFallbackSorter​(int k)
        Description copied from class: MSBRadixSorter
        Get a fall-back sorter which may assume that the first k bytes of all compared strings are equal.
        getFallbackSorter in class MSBRadixSorter