Class StableMSBRadixSorter.MergeSorter

  • Enclosing class:

    protected abstract static class StableMSBRadixSorter.MergeSorter
    extends Sorter
    A MergeSorter taking advantage of temporary storage.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MergeSorter

        protected MergeSorter()
    • Method Detail

      • sort

        public void sort​(int from,
                         int to)
        Description copied from class: Sorter
        Sort the slice which starts at from (inclusive) and ends at to (exclusive).
        Specified by:
        sort in class Sorter
      • save

        protected abstract void save​(int i,
                                     int j)
        Save the i-th value into the j-th position in temporary storage.
      • restore

        protected abstract void restore​(int i,
                                        int j)
        Restore values between i-th and j-th(excluding) in temporary storage into original storage.