Class OfflineSorter.SortInfo

  • Enclosing class:

    public class OfflineSorter.SortInfo
    extends Object
    Sort info (debugging mostly).
    • Field Detail

      • tempMergeFiles

        public int tempMergeFiles
        number of temporary files created when merging partitions
      • mergeRounds

        public int mergeRounds
        number of partition merges
      • lineCount

        public long lineCount
        number of lines of data read
      • mergeTimeMS

        public final AtomicLong mergeTimeMS
        time spent merging sorted partitions (in milliseconds)
      • sortTimeMS

        public final AtomicLong sortTimeMS
        time spent sorting data (in milliseconds)
      • totalTimeMS

        public long totalTimeMS
        total time spent (in milliseconds)
      • readTimeMS

        public long readTimeMS
        time spent in i/o read (in milliseconds)
      • bufferSize

        public final long bufferSize
        read buffer size (in bytes)
    • Constructor Detail

      • SortInfo

        public SortInfo()
        create a new SortInfo (with empty statistics) for debugging