Interface PositionIncrementAttribute

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    PackedTokenAttributeImpl, PositionIncrementAttributeImpl

    public interface PositionIncrementAttribute
    extends Attribute
    Determines the position of this token relative to the previous Token in a TokenStream, used in phrase searching.

    The default value is one.

    Some common uses for this are:

    • Set it to zero to put multiple terms in the same position. This is useful if, e.g., a word has multiple stems. Searches for phrases including either stem will match. In this case, all but the first stem's increment should be set to zero: the increment of the first instance should be one. Repeating a token with an increment of zero can also be used to boost the scores of matches on that token.
    • Set it to values greater than one to inhibit exact phrase matches. If, for example, one does not want phrases to match across removed stop words, then one could build a stop word filter that removes stop words and also sets the increment to the number of stop words removed before each non-stop word. Then exact phrase queries will only match when the terms occur with no intervening stop words.
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      • setPositionIncrement

        void setPositionIncrement​(int positionIncrement)
        Set the position increment. The default value is one.
        positionIncrement - the distance from the prior term
        IllegalArgumentException - if positionIncrement is negative.
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      • getPositionIncrement

        int getPositionIncrement()
        Returns the position increment of this Token.
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