Interface Dictionary

    • Method Detail

      • getLeftId

        int getLeftId​(int wordId)
        Get left id of specified word
      • getRightId

        int getRightId​(int wordId)
        Get right id of specified word
      • getWordCost

        int getWordCost​(int wordId)
        Get word cost of specified word
      • getPOSType

        POS.Type getPOSType​(int wordId)
        Get the POS.Type of specified word (morpheme, compound, inflect or pre-analysis)
      • getReading

        String getReading​(int wordId)
        Get the reading of specified word (mainly used for Hanja to Hangul conversion).
      • getMorphemes

        Dictionary.Morpheme[] getMorphemes​(int wordId,
                                           char[] surfaceForm,
                                           int off,
                                           int len)
        Get the morphemes of specified word (e.g. 가깝으나: 가깝 + 으나).