Class JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter

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    Closeable, AutoCloseable, Readable

    public class JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter
    extends CharFilter
    Normalizes Japanese horizontal iteration marks (odoriji) to their expanded form.

    Sequences of iteration marks are supported. In case an illegal sequence of iteration marks is encountered, the implementation emits the illegal source character as-is without considering its script. For example, with input "?ゝ", we get "??" even though the question mark isn't hiragana.

    Note that a full stop punctuation character "。" (U+3002) can not be iterated (see below). Iteration marks themselves can be emitted in case they are illegal, i.e. if they go back past the beginning of the character stream.

    The implementation buffers input until a full stop punctuation character (U+3002) or EOF is reached in order to not keep a copy of the character stream in memory. Vertical iteration marks, which are even rarer than horizontal iteration marks in contemporary Japanese, are unsupported.

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        public static final boolean NORMALIZE_KANJI_DEFAULT
        Normalize kanji iteration marks by default
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        public static final boolean NORMALIZE_KANA_DEFAULT
        Normalize kana iteration marks by default
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter

        public JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter​(Reader input)
        Constructor. Normalizes both kanji and kana iteration marks by default.
        input - char stream
      • JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter

        public JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter​(Reader input,
                                               boolean normalizeKanji,
                                               boolean normalizeKana)
        input - char stream
        normalizeKanji - indicates whether kanji iteration marks should be normalized
        normalizeKana - indicates whether kana iteration marks should be normalized