Package org.apache.lucene.queryparser.flexible.core.nodes

Query nodes commonly used by query parser implementations.

Query Nodes

The package org.apache.lucene.queryParser.nodes contains all the basic query nodes. The interface that represents a query node is QueryNode.

QueryNodes are used by the text parser to create a syntax tree. These nodes are designed to be used by UI or other text parsers. The default Lucene text parser is StandardSyntaxParser, it implements Lucene's standard syntax.

QueryNode interface should be implemented by all query nodes, the class QueryNodeImpl implements QueryNode and is extended by all current query node implementations.

A query node tree can be printed to the a stream, and it generates a pseudo XML representation with all the nodes.

A query node tree can also generate a query string that can be parsed back by the original text parser, at this point only the standard lucene syntax is supported.

Grouping nodes:

  • AndQueryNode - used for AND operator
  • AnyQueryNode - used for ANY operator
  • OrQueryNode - used for OR operator
  • BooleanQueryNode - used when no operator is specified
  • ModifierQueryNode - used for modifier operator
  • GroupQueryNode - used for parenthesis
  • BoostQueryNode - used for boost operator
  • SlopQueryNode - phrase slop
  • FuzzyQueryNode - fuzzy node
  • TermRangeQueryNode - used for parametric field:[low_value TO high_value]
  • ProximityQueryNode - used for proximity search
  • LegacyNumericRangeQueryNode - used for numeric range search
  • TokenizedPhraseQueryNode - used by tokenizers/lemmatizers/analyzers for phrases/autophrases

Leaf Nodes:

  • FieldQueryNode - field/value node
  • LegacyNumericQueryNode - used for numeric search
  • PathQueryNode - QueryNode object used with path-like queries
  • OpaqueQueryNode - Used as for part of the query that can be parsed by other parsers. schema/value
  • PrefixWildcardQueryNode - non-phrase wildcard query
  • QuotedFieldQUeryNode - regular phrase node
  • WildcardQueryNode - non-phrase wildcard query

Utility Nodes:

  • DeletedQueryNode - used by processors on optimizations
  • MatchAllDocsQueryNode - used by processors on optimizations
  • MatchNoDocsQueryNode - used by processors on optimizations
  • NoTokenFoundQueryNode - used by tokenizers/lemmatizers/analyzers