Class QueryParser

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    QueryParserConstants, CommonQueryParserConfiguration
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ComplexPhraseQueryParser, ExtendableQueryParser, MultiFieldQueryParser

    public class QueryParser
    extends QueryParserBase
    implements QueryParserConstants
    This class is generated by JavaCC. The most important method is QueryParserBase.parse(String). The syntax for query strings is as follows: A Query is a series of clauses. A clause may be prefixed by:
    • a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign, indicating that the clause is required or prohibited respectively; or
    • a term followed by a colon, indicating the field to be searched. This enables one to construct queries which search multiple fields.
    A clause may be either:
    • a term, indicating all the documents that contain this term; or
    • a nested query, enclosed in parentheses. Note that this may be used with a +/- prefix to require any of a set of terms.
    Thus, in BNF, the query grammar is:
       Query  ::= ( Clause )*
       Clause ::= ["+", "-"] [<TERM> ":"] ( <TERM> | "(" Query ")" )

    Examples of appropriately formatted queries can be found in the query syntax documentation.

    In TermRangeQuerys, QueryParser tries to detect date values, e.g. date:[6/1/2005 TO 6/4/2005] produces a range query that searches for "date" fields between 2005-06-01 and 2005-06-04. Note that the format of the accepted input depends on the locale. A DateTools.Resolution has to be set, if you want to use DateTools for date conversion.

    The date resolution that shall be used for RangeQueries can be set using QueryParserBase.setDateResolution(DateTools.Resolution) or QueryParserBase.setDateResolution(String, DateTools.Resolution). The former sets the default date resolution for all fields, whereas the latter can be used to set field specific date resolutions. Field specific date resolutions take, if set, precedence over the default date resolution.

    If you don't use DateTools in your index, you can create your own query parser that inherits QueryParser and overwrites QueryParserBase.getRangeQuery(String, String, String, boolean, boolean) to use a different method for date conversion.

    Note that QueryParser is not thread-safe.

    NOTE: there is a new QueryParser in contrib, which matches the same syntax as this class, but is more modular, enabling substantial customization to how a query is created.

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        public static final boolean DEFAULT_SPLIT_ON_WHITESPACE
        default split on whitespace behavior
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        Constant Field Values
      • token

        public Token token
        Current token.
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        public Token jj_nt
        Next token.
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryParser

        public QueryParser​(String f,
                           Analyzer a)
        Create a query parser.
        f - the default field for query terms.
        a - used to find terms in the query text.
      • QueryParser

        protected QueryParser​(CharStream stream)
        Constructor with user supplied CharStream.