Class Constants

  • public final class Constants
    extends Object
    Some useful constants.
    • Field Detail

      • JVM_VENDOR

        public static final String JVM_VENDOR
        JVM vendor info.
      • JVM_NAME

        public static final String JVM_NAME
        JVM vendor name.

        public static final String JVM_VERSION
        To detect Java versions use Runtime.version()
        Get the full version string of the current runtime.

        public static final String JAVA_VERSION
        To detect Java versions use Runtime.version()
        The value of System.getProperty("java.version").
      • OS_NAME

        public static final String OS_NAME
        The value of System.getProperty(""). *
      • LINUX

        public static final boolean LINUX
        True iff running on Linux.
      • WINDOWS

        public static final boolean WINDOWS
        True iff running on Windows.
      • SUN_OS

        public static final boolean SUN_OS
        True iff running on SunOS.
      • MAC_OS_X

        public static final boolean MAC_OS_X
        True iff running on Mac OS X
      • FREE_BSD

        public static final boolean FREE_BSD
        True iff running on FreeBSD
      • OS_ARCH

        public static final String OS_ARCH
        The value of System.getProperty("os.arch").
      • OS_VERSION

        public static final String OS_VERSION
        The value of System.getProperty("os.version").

        public static final String JAVA_VENDOR
        The value of System.getProperty("java.vendor").
      • JRE_IS_64BIT

        public static final boolean JRE_IS_64BIT
        True iff running on a 64bit JVM