Interface PositionLengthAttribute

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    PackedTokenAttributeImpl, PositionLengthAttributeImpl

    public interface PositionLengthAttribute
    extends Attribute
    Determines how many positions this token spans. Very few analyzer components actually produce this attribute, and indexing ignores it, but it's useful to express the graph structure naturally produced by decompounding, word splitting/joining, synonym filtering, etc.

    NOTE: this is optional, and most analyzers don't change the default value (1).

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      • setPositionLength

        void setPositionLength​(int positionLength)
        Set the position length of this Token.

        The default value is one.

        positionLength - how many positions this token spans.
        IllegalArgumentException - if positionLength is zero or negative.
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      • getPositionLength

        int getPositionLength()
        Returns the position length of this Token.
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