Class DaciukMihovAutomatonBuilder

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        public static final int MAX_TERM_LENGTH
        This builder rejects terms that are more than 1k chars long since it then uses recursion based on the length of the string, which might cause stack overflows.
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      • add

        public void add​(CharsRef current)
        Add another character sequence to this automaton. The sequence must be lexicographically larger or equal compared to any previous sequences added to this automaton (the input must be sorted).
      • complete

        public org.apache.lucene.util.automaton.DaciukMihovAutomatonBuilder.State complete()
        Finalize the automaton and return the root state. No more strings can be added to the builder after this call.
        Root automaton state.
      • build

        public static Automaton build​(Collection<BytesRef> input)
        Build a minimal, deterministic automaton from a sorted list of BytesRef representing strings in UTF-8. These strings must be binary-sorted.