Class SortedSetDocValuesField

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    public class SortedSetDocValuesField
    extends Field
    Field that stores a set of per-document BytesRef values, indexed for faceting,grouping,joining. Here's an example usage:
       document.add(new SortedSetDocValuesField(name, new BytesRef("hello")));
       document.add(new SortedSetDocValuesField(name, new BytesRef("world")));

    If you also need to store the value, you should add a separate StoredField instance.

    Each value can be at most 32766 bytes long.

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      • TYPE

        public static final FieldType TYPE
        Type for sorted bytes DocValues
    • Constructor Detail

      • SortedSetDocValuesField

        public SortedSetDocValuesField​(String name,
                                       BytesRef bytes)
        Create a new sorted DocValues field.
        name - field name
        bytes - binary content
        IllegalArgumentException - if the field name is null