Class ICUNormalizer2FilterFactory

  • public class ICUNormalizer2FilterFactory
    extends TokenFilterFactory
    Factory for ICUNormalizer2Filter

    Supports the following attributes:

    • form: A Unicode Normalization Form, one of 'nfc','nfkc', 'nfkc_cf'. Default is nfkc_cf.
    • mode: Either 'compose' or 'decompose'. Default is compose. Use "decompose" with nfc or nfkc, to get nfd or nfkd, respectively.
    • filter: A UnicodeSet pattern. Codepoints outside the set are always left unchanged. Default is [] (the null set, no filtering).
    See Also:
    ICUNormalizer2Filter, Normalizer2, FilteredNormalizer2
    SPI Name (case-insensitive: if the name is 'htmlStrip', 'htmlstrip' can be used when looking up the service).