Interface CommonQueryParserConfiguration

    • Method Detail

      • setAllowLeadingWildcard

        void setAllowLeadingWildcard​(boolean allowLeadingWildcard)
        Set to true to allow leading wildcard characters.

        When set, * or ? are allowed as the first character of a PrefixQuery and WildcardQuery. Note that this can produce very slow queries on big indexes.

        Default: false.

      • setEnablePositionIncrements

        void setEnablePositionIncrements​(boolean enabled)
        Set to true to enable position increments in result query.

        When set, result phrase and multi-phrase queries will be aware of position increments. Useful when e.g. a StopFilter increases the position increment of the token that follows an omitted token.

        Default: false.

      • setMultiTermRewriteMethod

        void setMultiTermRewriteMethod​(MultiTermQuery.RewriteMethod method)
        By default, it uses MultiTermQuery.CONSTANT_SCORE_REWRITE when creating a prefix, wildcard and range queries. This implementation is generally preferable because it a) Runs faster b) Does not have the scarcity of terms unduly influence score c) avoids any TooManyListenersException exception. However, if your application really needs to use the old-fashioned boolean queries expansion rewriting and the above points are not relevant then use this change the rewrite method.
      • setFuzzyPrefixLength

        void setFuzzyPrefixLength​(int fuzzyPrefixLength)
        Set the prefix length for fuzzy queries. Default is 0.
        fuzzyPrefixLength - The fuzzyPrefixLength to set.
      • setLocale

        void setLocale​(Locale locale)
        Set locale used by date range parsing.
      • getLocale

        Locale getLocale()
        Returns current locale, allowing access by subclasses.
      • setTimeZone

        void setTimeZone​(TimeZone timeZone)
      • setPhraseSlop

        void setPhraseSlop​(int defaultPhraseSlop)
        Sets the default slop for phrases. If zero, then exact phrase matches are required. Default value is zero.
      • getFuzzyMinSim

        float getFuzzyMinSim()
        Get the minimal similarity for fuzzy queries.
      • getFuzzyPrefixLength

        int getFuzzyPrefixLength()
        Get the prefix length for fuzzy queries.
        Returns the fuzzyPrefixLength.
      • getPhraseSlop

        int getPhraseSlop()
        Gets the default slop for phrases.
      • setFuzzyMinSim

        void setFuzzyMinSim​(float fuzzyMinSim)
        Set the minimum similarity for fuzzy queries. Default is defined on FuzzyQuery.defaultMaxEdits.