Class TestSecrets

  • public final class TestSecrets
    extends Object
    A set of static methods returning accessors for internal, package-private functionality in Lucene. All getters may only be called by the Lucene Test Framework module. Setters are initialized once on startup.
    • Method Detail

      • setIndexWriterAccess

        public static void setIndexWriterAccess​(IndexWriterAccess indexWriterAccess)
        For internal initialization only.
      • setIndexPackageAccess

        public static void setIndexPackageAccess​(IndexPackageAccess indexPackageAccess)
        For internal initialization only.
      • setConcurrentMergeSchedulerAccess

        public static void setConcurrentMergeSchedulerAccess​(ConcurrentMergeSchedulerAccess cmsAccess)
        For internal initialization only.
      • setSegmentReaderAccess

        public static void setSegmentReaderAccess​(SegmentReaderAccess segmentReaderAccess)
        For internal initialization only.