Lucene 9.1.0 test-framework API

The Lucene Test Framework is used by Lucene as the basis for its tests. The framework can also be used for testing third-party code that uses the Lucene API.

Support for testing analysis components.
Classes to support StandardAnalyzer component testing.
Codec for testing that asserts various contracts of the codec apis.
Codecs for testing that support org.apache.lucene.codecs.blockterms.
Support for generating test indexes using the BloomFilteringPostingsFormat.
Codec that unreasonably tries to use as little RAM as possible.
Dummy CompressingCodec implementation used for testing.
Codec for testing that throws random IOExceptions
Frankenstein codec for testing that pieces together random components.
Codec for testing that never writes to disk.
Test PostingsFormat for testing org.apache.lucene.codecs.uniformsplit with block encryption using basic ROT13.
Test PostingsFormat for testing org.apache.lucene.codecs.uniformsplit.sharedterms with block encryption using basic ROT13.
Reusable geo test utilities.
Support for testing of indexes.
Support for testing/debugging with virtual filesystems
Support for testing search components.
Support for testing similarities.
Support for testing store mechanisms.
General test support.
Support for testing automata.
Support for FST testing.