Class SpanNearQuery

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public class SpanNearQuery extends SpanQuery implements Cloneable
Matches spans which are near one another. One can specify slop, the maximum number of intervening unmatched positions, as well as whether matches are required to be in-order.
  • Field Details

    • clauses

      protected List<SpanQuery> clauses
    • slop

      protected int slop
    • inOrder

      protected boolean inOrder
    • field

      protected String field
  • Constructor Details

    • SpanNearQuery

      public SpanNearQuery(SpanQuery[] clausesIn, int slop, boolean inOrder)
      Construct a SpanNearQuery. Matches spans matching a span from each clause, with up to slop total unmatched positions between them.
      When inOrder is true, the spans from each clause must be in the same order as in clauses and must be non-overlapping.
      When inOrder is false, the spans from each clause need not be ordered and may overlap.
      clausesIn - the clauses to find near each other, in the same field, at least 2.
      slop - The slop value
      inOrder - true if order is important
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