Class NearSpansOrdered

public class NearSpansOrdered extends Spans
A Spans that is formed from the ordered subspans of a SpanNearQuery where the subspans do not overlap and have a maximum slop between them.

The formed spans only contains minimum slop matches.
The matching slop is computed from the distance(s) between the non overlapping matching Spans.
Successive matches are always formed from the successive Spans of the SpanNearQuery.

The formed spans may contain overlaps when the slop is at least 1. For example, when querying using

t1 t2 t3
with slop at least 1, the fragment:
t1 t2 t1 t3 t2 t3
matches twice:
t1 t2 .. t3      
      t1 .. t2 t3
Expert: Only public for subclassing. Most implementations should not need this class