Class PayloadMatcherFactory


public class PayloadMatcherFactory extends Object
Creates a payload matcher object based on a payload type and an operation. PayloadTypes of INT,FLOAT, or STRING are supported. Inequality operations are supported.
  • Constructor Details

    • PayloadMatcherFactory

      public PayloadMatcherFactory()
  • Method Details

    • createMatcherForOpAndType

      public static PayloadMatcher createMatcherForOpAndType(SpanPayloadCheckQuery.PayloadType payloadType, SpanPayloadCheckQuery.MatchOperation op)
      Return a payload matcher for use in the SpanPayloadCheckQuery that will decode the ByteRef from a payload based on the payload type, and apply a matching inequality operations (eq,lt,lte,gt,and gte)
      payloadType - the type of the payload to decode, STRING, INT, FLOAT
      op - and inequalit operation as the test (example: eq for equals, gt for greater than)
      a payload matcher that decodes the payload and applies the operation inequality test.