Class ScaleFloatFunction


public class ScaleFloatFunction extends ValueSource
Scales values to be between min and max.

This implementation currently traverses all of the source values to obtain their min and max.

This implementation currently cannot distinguish when documents have been deleted or documents that have no value, and 0.0 values will be used for these cases. This means that if values are normally all greater than 0.0, one can still end up with 0.0 as the min value to map from. In these cases, an appropriate map() function could be used as a workaround to change 0.0 to a value in the real range.

  • Field Details

    • source

      protected final ValueSource source
    • min

      protected final float min
    • max

      protected final float max
  • Constructor Details

    • ScaleFloatFunction

      public ScaleFloatFunction(ValueSource source, float min, float max)
  • Method Details