Class FunctionRangeQuery


public class FunctionRangeQuery extends Query
A Query wrapping a ValueSource that matches docs in which the values in the value source match a configured range. The score is the float value. This can be a slow query if run by itself since it must visit all docs; ideally it's combined with other queries. It's mostly a wrapper around FunctionValues.getRangeScorer(Weight, LeafReaderContext, String, String, boolean, boolean).

A similar class is in the sandbox module. That one is constant scoring.

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WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
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    • FunctionRangeQuery

      public FunctionRangeQuery(ValueSource valueSource, Number lowerVal, Number upperVal, boolean includeLower, boolean includeUpper)
    • FunctionRangeQuery

      public FunctionRangeQuery(ValueSource valueSource, String lowerVal, String upperVal, boolean includeLower, boolean includeUpper)
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