Class ClasspathResourceLoader

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public final class ClasspathResourceLoader extends Object implements ResourceLoader
Simple ResourceLoader that uses ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream(String) and Class.forName(String,boolean,ClassLoader) to open resources and classes, respectively.

To use this class with the Java Module System, you must open all modules on classpath that contain resources to the org.apache.lucene.core module, otherwise resources can't be looked up. It is recommended to use ModuleResourceLoader for such use cases as this would limit to certain modules.

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  • Constructor Details

    • ClasspathResourceLoader

      public ClasspathResourceLoader(ClassLoader loader)
      Creates an instance using the given classloader to load Resources and classes. Resource paths must be absolute.
    • ClasspathResourceLoader

      public ClasspathResourceLoader(Class<?> clazz)
      Creates an instance using the context classloader to load Resources and classes Resources are resolved relative to the given class, if path is not absolute.
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