Class Scorable.ChildScorable

Enclosing class:

public static class Scorable.ChildScorable extends Object
A child Scorer and its relationship to its parent. the meaning of the relationship depends upon the parent query.
WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
  • Field Details

    • child

      public final Scorable child
      Child Scorer. (note this is typically a direct child, and may itself also have children).
    • relationship

      public final String relationship
      An arbitrary string relating this scorer to the parent.
  • Constructor Details

    • ChildScorable

      public ChildScorable(Scorable child, String relationship)
      Creates a new ChildScorer node with the specified relationship.

      The relationship can be any be any string that makes sense to the parent Scorer.